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“Amazing Fun and Practice all in one.”

We LOVE Seek Yoga! Amazing fun and practice all in one. Victoria is amazing with kids and has a true gift to be able to share her inner light!

— B.P., mother of a beautiful artist

“I loooove Victoria's Programming!”

 My boys love her kids yoga classes, I've been to her adult workshops, and also had her visit my preschool for an in-class field trip. Victoria is so knowledgable while still being very relaxed and adaptable. Such a wonderful instructor!

— M.F., mother of 2 awesome brothers

Each class is meant to be LIVED in. My goal is to facilitate space for laughter, partnering poses, games, anatomical theory and a taste of Aboriginal knowledge. Kids leave with a charged sense of Self!

— VICTORIA, founder


“..Great with Kids and Adults!”

Victoria is great with kids and adults, it is so nice to go to a class that is inclusive for all age groups. My girls love coming to class with me and vice versa! Thanks for making this option available seek yoga <3

— D.S., mother of 2 delightful ladies

“I love Victoria as an instructor!..”

Even though she comes from a kid-based background, I felt she did great, and enjoyed her sense of humour that would sometimes shine through. I'm all for relaxation and quiet time, but I enjoy smiles and giggles too ;) The atmosphere was great, and great content to take into perspective.

— K.B., mother of two amazing boys


Yoga is relaxing. It connects your mind and body and it definitely gave me more energy. Our instructor Victoria was amazing! 

— Rashan, rad student

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